Make it your year!

I am not necessarily one for New Year’s resolutions.

It all seems great on the night of celebrations, making declarations of sweeping changes I am going to make or goals I am going to reach. I’ve been there. In the weeks, and sometimes even days, that follow though, my resolve seems to wane and I often return to a “business as usual” mode of operation.

This year, I intend to do things a little differently, to bring attention to some of my habitual ways of thinking and patterns of doing, and put my energy into simpler things.

My youngest son Jack started kindy in February, which feels like an epic milestone. He has gone to day care since he was a baby, but suddenly it all feels so different, this quiet shift from toddler to boyhood.

I am watching with awe as Jack grows out of tantrums (well, mostly), finding his words more easily, and developing this wonderful sense of humour. He is dressing himself and heading off on the ‘walking bus’ with his brother Locky and the other kids on the street.


It is inspiring to watch Jack embracing school full force and adapting to new situations in this time of transition. It also opens up this space for me to think about some of the shifts I would like to make in my own life.

Like many kindys, Jack attends three days one week and two days the next.

Aside from my husband and I getting back in the groove of who picks up whom when, what this means is that once every fortnight, I have a day off ALL TO MYSELF. I joke that I don’t like to talk about it too much, for fear it might disappear or be taken away, or that someone will fall ill with gastro and it won’t happen, but it did.

This past Wednesday I had a day for me.

I went to yoga in the morning and I felt such stillness and peace of mind. I was able to bring my attention to the practice and be present in the moment in the room. There was no agitation or expectation, no rushing or comparison. It was beautiful.

I found myself so full of gratitude that I could ‘fill my own cup’ by simply connecting with the breath.

Afterward, I took some time to truly contemplate the wisdom shared by our instructor and remind myself the importance of applying that knowledge in my everyday life.

How vital it is to bring my attention to the present moment, whatever it may be, and meet the needs of that moment, with compassion and without judgement. How important it is to challenge myself to extend beyond what is comfortable, whether it be a holding that difficult yoga pose for an extra thirty seconds or taking on something new in my personal or professional life.

I thought about how often and easy it is to let the fear of falling over, or failing, hold me back from taking chances and reaching my true potential.

This year, I am setting intentions rather than resolutions.

To dance more, see live music and devote more time to writing. To reconnect with friends and have more date nights with my husband! To remain committed to my yoga and meditation practice and bring greater awareness to what it is that makes me happy and what I need to thrive.

And I’m going for it.

Whether it is on the yoga mat or at home or work, I am being gentle with myself as I move along my journey and I am giving myself permission to falter. There will be challenges, but I know this is going to be my year. Make it yours too!




8 thoughts on “Make it your year!

  1. Mud

    So true , I must learn to deal with thoughts of every little thing I have to do constantly. More focus on the job I’m doing right now and see it through to the end. Enjoy the time I have with my kids more as once they start school , sport and hanging with mates more you see less and less of them . Then also have time for partner, family and my own friends. Having the time by yourself is vital even for 5 minutes .


    1. Jennifer

      Completely agree with all of the above, Muddy. Bringing the right measure to the task at hand is challenging, but a worthwhile endeavour. We all need time to ourselves, but also to enjoy, and be present in, the precious time we have with the ones we love. Cheers, Jenn


  2. Mariette Sweeting

    Love your take on this new stage of your journey, Jen.
    Small positive steps to peace and enlightenment is what life is about and to embrace it with awareness is so empowering. Go girl🤗


    1. Jennifer

      Thank you Mari, for your support and readership. I always take solace knowing others are on the same journey. Whether they are struggling or thriving, we all share the same experiences and it is so important to support each other. Love, Jenn


  3. Shiela Enser

    Lovely message from a lovely person and wonderful friend.

    I’m glad I get to be part of the ‘new you’ (in the form of ‘reconnecting with friends’).

    Love and light~


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