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So you’ve decided to go on a holiday. You know where you want to go and what you need to pack, but what about travel insurance?

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Travelling with diabetes shouldn’t make obtaining travel insurance difficult. But there are factors you need to be aware of when taking out an insurance policy when travelling with a pre-existing medical condition.

You must declare your diabetes when applying so that you can obtain the right level of cover for your holiday. If you fail to tell your insurance provider about your health condition, it can make your policy void and you can find yourself overseas without cover. This can land you with an enormous medical bill if you become sick and require treatment, or – even worse – leave you without access to essential medical care.

Below are some expert tips from those in the know:

  • Compare policies carefully – while most insurers provide automatic cover for diabetes, often they will need you to meet different requirements.
  • Go for fully comprehensive cover – make sure this also covers any medical or testing equipment you take with you on your trip.
  • Disclose everything – not only is it a requirement for most travel insurers, disclosing your diabetes will allow your insurer to clarify any conditions they need you to meet, even if diabetes is automatically covered.
  • Treat a higher premium as an essential travel expense – it’s best to pay a little bit more upfront in order to avoid an expensive bill if something goes wrong and you discover you aren’t fully covered by your insurance.
  • Buy your travel insurance as soon as you have paid your deposit for your trip – if you have any medical emergencies that prevent you from travelling, you will be covered.

While there are certain challenges getting travel insurance for people with diabetes, those challenges are manageable. With careful planning and a sensible approach, you can enjoy many fantastic, safe holidays to all corners of the globe.
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Case study

Family of four travelling to Seminyak, Bali for ten days. The youngest son, 12 years, has had type 1 diabetes for four years. He has no other known health issues. Both parents are 41 years of age and all other members of the family have no pre-existing medical conditions.

Donna Barlow Travel (DBT) Quote: $175.20 (insurance provided by SureSave)

This is the full cost with no excess for the family (there is no surcharge to cover the child with diabetes as he has met the criteria). DBT offers a 20 per cent discount to Diabetes WA members, without this discount the policy cost is $214.00.

The policy DBT offers is specially designed for people with diabetes and carries an endorsement which covers both insulin pumps and a CGM up to a value of $4,000.00 each. If you do have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances you are covered for loss of any non-refundable components of your trip.

HBF Quote: $211.40

Super Plan with a $100 excess (this is the minimum excess that HBF offers). The son’s pre-existing medical condition is automatically covered as it meets their criteria for inclusion. Unlimited medical cover and unlimited cancellation costs are covered in this policy.

Allianz Online Quote: $147.38

Comprehensive cover with a $100 excess (Allianz do not offer a no-excess option) and no medical surcharge as the child with diabetes has been diagnosed more than six months ago and has no medical complications. This policy includes cover for cancellation of the trip up to the value of $4,000.

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Bec is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator at Diabetes WA.


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