Top 5 diabetes blog posts

The seventh annual Diabetes Blog Week is running from 16-20 May. Check out the posts so far (external link). Looking for a shortlist? Here’s our top 5…

Diabetes Blog

#5. The other half of diabetes – The Understudy Pancreas

Diabetes can be a massive emotional strain. From the point of view of a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, this post explores how naming and owning these negative emotions can help your ‘pumplette’ to cope.

the understundy pancreas

“When Pumplette was diagnosed, the mental component of her condition really didn’t register on my radar. As I tried to keep our little family afloat, mastering all the medical and physical elements of her management, her future mental well being and health, I’m ashamed to say, really didn’t occur to me.”

#4. Language and diabetes – My Lazy Pancreas

Diabetic? Testing? Compliance *shudder*. Georgie explains why language is important.


“Poor control: This is judge-y as hell. “Poor control”, “good control”, “excellent control” – since when were blood sugars a moral judgement?”

#3. The Importance of Diabetes Language: My Own – Blood Sugar Trampoline

Gráinne from Ireland approaches the topic of language and diabetes from an interesting new angle…


“I ventured out of my type 1 diabetes bubble last summer and met so many people who were just like me, except different – they had other types of diabetes. I listened to how they felt about their diabetes and about how people with type 1 diabetes inadvertently made them feel.”

#2. The other side – Diabetogenic

Renza is an active member of the Australian diabetes online community (#ozdoc). Her post on the emotional impact of diabetes hits the mark yet again!


“Too often, some forget that diabetes is not about only about operational matters…Just as I am much more than my diabetes, my diabetes is so much more than food, medication and devices.”

#1. 20 years with type 1 diabetes – Miss Jen Grieves

Jen from England shares this heartfelt post about “celebrating” 20 years of diabetes. It is excellently written and really captures the mixed feelings that come with living with type 1 diabetes.

20years_type1-940x529 miss jen grieves

“I’m not celebrating you, type 1 diabetes, because you’re a drain on my head, my body and – at frequent intervals – my heart…. Today I am celebrating the things you have inadvertently and unintentionally given me. An awareness of how precious my body is, a maturity that would have probably passed me by. A sense of achievement in the every day. A lust for life, a thirst for knowledge, an awareness that things are not all that they seem.”

About #dblogweek

Diabetes Blog Week was founded by Karen Graffeo, who writes at BitterSweet Diabetes. She says:

“The more perspectives that are shared the more connections we can make and understanding we can foster.”

What’s your favourite diabetes blog? Let us know in the comments!


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