Your top 3 diabetes questions answered: #1

This week Diabetes WA educator Marian Brennan takes us through the top 3 most asked questions on the Diabetes WA Information and Advice Line (DIAL).

#1 What should my blood glucose levels be?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, why am I putting my poor little fingers through all of these finger pricks? I have all the numbers, but what do they mean?!

Generally, this is what to aim for ;

Click here for more info.

But keep in mind that this is approximate. Some people ask ‘why was my neighbour told to aim for one number and I got told something different?’ But the truth is target levels will be slightly different for everyone.

The real question: what levels are right for you?

Talk to your GP or diabetes educator about what you should personally be aiming for. Some people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes might be encouraged to aim for lower numbers. But if you are on insulin or taking certain types of medications such as Sulphonylurea your targets may be a bit higher. Seniors who are at risk of hypoglycaemia and falls, may also have different targets.

Close-up of a woman taking a blood sample from her finger with a glaucometer

What does it mean if I am out of my target range?

Firstly – it’s ok, you’re not ‘failing’! Lots of things can impact on our blood glucose levels and it is normal for our levels to fluctuate. Some reasons could be:

  • Food
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Illness
  • Medications
  • Alcohol

This is a why we self monitor – life is busy and things change! Whether you are trying a new food or starting a new exercise regime, monitoring your BGLs will help you see how these changes impact on your levels. Once we know what is affecting our BGLs we can decide what we may need to do to manage fluctuations.

For more info:

  • Blood glucose monitoring fact sheet.
  • Our MeterSmart program will help you find and manage your ideal blood glucose target range.
  • Contact me or another diabetes educator on DIAL 1300 136 588

Check back on Tuesday for the #2 most popular question on DIAL.

Marian header

Marion is a Diabetes Educator and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Diabetes WA.


2 thoughts on “Your top 3 diabetes questions answered: #1

  1. Tracey

    Thank you for this answer as being newly diagnosed still trying to figure this out. My doctor has been no help, been told should change to someone else who might help me more. Now i know my numbers are normal average 7″s for overnight fast. Looking forward to next question.


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